Monday, June 29, 2009

Shout Out!

I just want to give a quick shout out to my blogging friend DeNeice from Organized Homemaking for Christ. She is doing a summer giveaway and I just wanted to share her blog, because she is a sweetie! She is a beautiful lady who loves the Lord and her family. I am inspired daily by her, Valencia at Buildeth Her House, and Hadias at The Proverbs Wife & The Wife at Home, because they are awesome women with large families, who show what it means to have the love of the Lord in your heart and how to love and take care of your families and homes. I still haven't figured out how to link names and blogs on my posts, but you can check my sidebar for links to their blogs. There are others on there too that are truly awesome women too! I was just giving some love to my "big family" girls! If I've left out any great women, who daily chase many children, charge it to my head and not my heart! I love all my blogging friends and have learned so much from all of you! Go forth and blog well! (Smile)

Be Blessed!


  1. Chondra,
    Thanks for visiting Olivia's blog and sharing your story! Praise God for working in mysterious ways that we have yet to learn. You have a very nice family too. Blessings, Kelly

  2. How nice of you to mention your friends as you did. I will go check out her blog. It's always fun meeting new bloggers.

    On the links: Lets see if I can explain, hmmm. When you are doing your post and you are referring to some ones blog, you click on what looks like a paper clip and a box will come up that has http://
    You then type the name of the
    You enter and then it will show up on your post and when you get ready to publish your post, the link will be activated so that when someone clicks on it, they will go directly to that blog. That's how I learned. Maybe someone else can explain it a little better.
    I best go now because it is time to go to Curves and do my exercise. You have a great day and thank you for being such a nice lady.

  3. Very sweet post!

    Have a great weekend sweet friend!

  4. How sweet of you to mention me in your post!! I really do feel blessed by it, thanks so much. I can only hope that Buildeth Her House inspires many women and that I get inspired as well.


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