Saturday, June 26, 2010

Feminine Friday

Hello to all! I'm a little late posting my Feminine Friday post (it's actually Saturday), but better late than never! Also, a big thank you to Valencia for extending the post throughout the weekend!

I actually wore this outfit on Friday night to our Women's Fellowship at church. The top has a matching zebra print skirt, but to me it looks like way too much zebra at one time! lol Later I'll do another post with the skirt and a different top.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wedding Bliss - Women Living Well Challenge (Week 2)

Hello all! I'm linking up to the Summer Marriage Challenge over at Courtney's blog, Women Living Well. This weeks challenge is remembering your vows - post pictures of your wedding day.

My husband was deployed to England during Desert Storm and we were originally supposed to get married in September of 1991. After not liking the distance, we decided to move the date up. Actually, we were going to get married "by proxy" and have my best friend's (then) husband stand in for him, which turned out to not work (God knew). The actual paperwork never arrived in England on time, and he actually was due to return home by the time they did arrive! Too funny! So, then we decided to put together a wedding in two weeks time! Everybody quickly assumed that I was pregnant, but I wasn't. Just anxious to marry the man I loved! My dress was in layaway and one of our sweet elderly church members got it out for me as a wedding gift! I found a veil for $25, when I picked up the dress,which was an awesome deal! It rained that day and it started an hour late, but was a very memorable day! I would've liked to had a bigger wedding, but it was what was meant to be. The best part was that my father performed the ceremony. The minister that actually introduced us, was the one that gave me away. That was March 16, 1991, 19 years ago! I still love him and I think he's a keeper! (hee hee)

I missed out on last weeks challenge, due to way too much to do in one week! Here are a few engagement pictures anyway.

Be Blessed!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Feminine Friday

It's another Feminine Friday! This is actually what I wore tonight to work complete with the flip-flops! Nobody said anything until right before I left, when a manager told me that we can only wear flip-flops with wedge heels! She claims that they look dressier! I bought them at our store, and I've seen people with them on, so I thought I'd try it! Oh well, you live and learn! LOL

Anyway, check out Valencia's blog at for more Feminine Friday participants.

Be Blessed!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Feminine Friday

Amidst all the preparations for graduation weekend, I stopped to participate in Feminine Friday! I love doing this and participating with Valencia over at. Check out the other participants and their beautiful feminine attire.

Since graduation day is approaching quickly on this Sunday evening, I won't be posting until afterwards when my guests are gone back home. So, have a great weekend and be blessed!!!