Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Her First Job!

So proud to say that our youngest daughter, Cedraya, is now among the working class! Desperately wanting to make her own money, she has wanted a job since age 15. Being number two of six children, she hasn't always received everything she's asked for, which is hard for her to understand. Especially living and going to school in an area where the well to do families are scattered amongst us "regular" folk, making it hard to explain not being able to afford everything her friends have. I think this will be a good opportunity for her to realize what it's like to spend her own money (not ours) to get the things that she wants. I'm looking forward to seeing how things play out! Lol

Anyway, we are extremely proud of her! She's so excited about working at the new movie theater in our area. I'm excited it's less than 10 minutes away!!! Here's some pics of our working girl that I took on her first day of training:

Monday, May 7, 2012

Blessing My Home

I have a Facebook friend who posts daily about "blessing her home" which is a phrase I first heard on the Flylady website. For so long, I've tried unsuccessfully to follow the Flylady tips, but hearing someone else actually doing it (that I know), makes a world of difference!

Now that I'm a SAHM by default (hubby's illness requires me to be), I have more of a determination to make my home a comfortable, safe haven for my family. I've begun by scheduling my day, something I had let slide for years. Now, with meds having to be administered at specific times along with meals, I've had to adjust considerably. Since I put my scheduling off for so long, I think God found a temporary solution to guide me in the right direction. I say temporary, because I'm believing God for my husband's total healing!

Of course, my new found determination to clean, organize and schedule gets thwarted when watching HGTV with its gorgeous houses and fabulously decorated rooms. I get overwhelmed by looking at all I have to do and how far from reality those tv homes & rooms really are. I have to realize that those shows really just allow me to see my house for the loving home it is for my family, and the sense of security it gives us. Now it's time for me to stop comparing it to the large and stately mansions I sometimes think I need, and realize it has character and love that we are putting into it daily. There's no better way to bless your home, than to see it as a blessing!

Be Blessed!!!