Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'm Still Here!!!

Hi ladies!!! I know it's been forever and a day since I posted last. Computer issues are the pits! My laptop is completely dead, so I have to borrow hubby's. Problem is, so does everybody else who needs to do a report during these last few weeks of school! Right now I'm using my phone for this post, but I can't upload pictures to my posts. I'm in the process of investigating blogger apps, to see which one is the best to use so I can blog from my phone. Then I can be back on track!

Life always manages to have setbacks, but we just have to learn how to deal with them. First, it was the downfall of my computer, and now the disappearance of my camera. Well, actually it had help. We went to a wedding in Dallas Saturday before last, and I took my camera which was in it's lovely Mary Kate & Ashley sparkly pink case. Well, at the beginning if the wedding, my battery died so I only got to take one picture. The reception was in Grand Prairie (in a seedy area, I might add) and my daughter put my camera in her purse, which she left in the car, and used hers. When we decided it was time to hit the road, we went out to the car only to find the passenger window was broken and her purse was gone! Of course her wallet with all her identification was in it & a debit card. So we've had the added drama (and rudeness) of going through the long wait at the DMV, the social security office and a few phone calls to Chase bank. Oh yeah, the fun of contacting the unconcerned police dept., who thought we should've known we were in the worst crime area of their lovely little city! Duh! We don't live there! Normally she doesn't carry her SS card, but she needed it for a modeling job the day before and forgot to take it out. Thank God we were able to catch the one and only charge that was made to her debit card. She withdrew the money that was left on it and they sent her a new card. Never a dull moment at our house!!!

So, not having my trusty camera (that I loved!) has been no fun at all! My iPhone camera does a good job, but it's not the same. At least I can post pics to my Facebook page, but I miss blogging! So for now, my posts will be picture-free, but hopefully I can figure out something soon. There's so much I want to catch up with! Of course I'm still checking out other blogs when I can, so you'll still see posts from me every now and then! Love you all! Be blessed!!!