Monday, March 19, 2012

Organized My Purse!

I recently read an article in Allure magazine about how to organize your handbag. Being the purse fanactic that I am, this article immediately caught my eye. The writer stated that she owned several high-priced handbags that she likes to keep neat and damage free. Her secret is to group everything in it's own case or pouch. This is something that I had already begun to do in the past, due to visual motivation. I say visual motivation, because I have a friend at church, who used to pull ziploc baggies out of her purse (in church) with candy, pens, makeup, etc. She had the right concept, but her style was a little off kilter! LOL I quickly intervened. During the intervention, I figured I might as well practice what I preached, so I purchased some makeup bags for both of us. This was around Christmas time, so I just gave them to her as a gift. I found a set of sparkly pink ones for myself at Walmart and I gave her black ones. You can never go wrong with black. I don't know if she uses them or not, but I've instructed her son to withhold the ziplocs from her, so I've done my job! LOL
I've always used a cosmetics bag in my purse, because makeup can easily spill and damage the interior of a bag. Throughout the years, I've owned several of them. The current one came with a VS fragrance set (Sexy Little Things Noir), I purchased for myself after Christmas 2010. It's nice and roomy, and sparkly, of course!
Since I wear glasses, I have to wear prescription sunglasses as well. I try to remember to keep them in my bag, so I don't forget them. When I used to sell Mary Kay, I won a pretty pink cheetah case along with a pair of sunglasses. Since I couldn't wear them, I gave them away, but kept the case. It comes in handy for my lens cleaning cloth, that I tuck in with the shades.
Of course I carry a coin purse, in addition to my wallet. I like to buy the ones that have the I.D. window for my driver's license, so I can switch it to my smaller purses I carry on Sundays. This one is a Vera Bradley that my daughter bought me from the gift shop she works at in the Great Wolf Lodge. Love the purple (my fav color)in the print. See my "Aldi" quarter in the pocket? Hee Hee! Love that store!
Lastly, I recently purchased a bag for my pens. The writer of the article said that she had a pen to leak in her Hermes bag (oh, the horror), which prompted me to start my search. I found this nifty (yes, I said nifty) little bag in the makeup bags at Wal-Mart. Extremely cheap well priced at $1.97!
Here's the finished organized product (inside my favorite purple Dooney)!
Yes, since I'm a bonafide pursaholic, I do tend to baby my handbags. Some have been lovingly purchased by my wonderful hubby, so the least I can do is take exceptional care of them. Hopefully, I've shared a few tips that may inspire others to organize their bags as well! Happy organizing! Be Blessed!!!