Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Belated Valentines Day!!!

This was a whirlwind of a weekend, leaving me not able to post like I had planned. I had planned on sharing a few Valentine's party pictures and decorations on or before Valentines Day, but of course that didn't happen! I was partying at the boys' school all day on Friday (whoo-hoo), which consisted of FOUR parties! Then Friday night they had their first Valentine's dance at their school (too cute) and I also had to drop Deondra and her best friend off at one of her cosmetology classmates' birthday party! Whew! Saturday, Deondra and I had to be at the salon at 7a.m. for me to get my hair done by her!!! Her stylist was sweet enough to let her come in and do my hair while she watched her to make sure she was doing it correctly. Of course, my picky child wasn't completely convinced that she did a good job, but I liked it! I think my opinion is supposed to count? Right?!!! LOL

Later that morning, I had to take her to dance rehearsal at church and then to work that evening. Davon had his birthday celebration (will post pics later) at Incredible Pizza, which was incredibly crowded! I'm getting way too old for so many bodies in one place! Eeewwwww! I love kids, but there was a definite overdose of them in that place!!! OMGosh! Now we are finishing up DJ's biography project due tomorrow, that we all should get an "A" on! He chose Tony Hawk (diehard skateboard fan), and trust me when I say my hubby and I know more about the man than his own mama does!

Anyhoo, that's our weekend in a nutshell! I'm still trying to recuperate! Hubby and I will be celebrating Valentines tomorrow, since he's off. Somethings have to be delayed when you have so many kiddos! Here are a few pictures of my decorations before I take them down. Hope you had a great Valentines weekend!

I got this wreath at Wal-Mart last year. I actually forgot I had it! That's me in the glass reflection, juggling the mail and my phone trying to get a good pic!

This is one of my mother's towels. I think she just bought it because it was pretty (she loved pink), but I have added it to my Valentine's collection in her memory!

These are some towels I found at Target. I think I paid $5.00 total for all three, but I'm sure they are probably on clearance now, so be sure to hit Target if you like them! I wanted the rug, but had already spent too much. I might go back and see if it's still there.

Yes, my tablecloth is a little short! I grabbed it at Dollar General and didn't pay attention to the size! It was $1.50 and after I already opened it, I saw one at Wal-Mart for $1.00 that was bigger! I'm going to go back and get it!!!

I ordered these hearts from Avon (I buy more than I sell! lol) last year. One constantly fell off and was held in place for a few days by the blinds!

Davon's class needed cookies and I was asked the day before if they could be individually wrapped! Arrrggggh!

After some carefully torn sheets of Saran Wrap and some ribbon from Dollar General.....The end result!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Marriage Blessing - Show and Tell Friday

Today for Kelli's Show and Tell Friday, I wanted to share this cute print that I got at Texas Thrift store. Yes, the price in the upper right hand corner is correct---$1.49!!! Then to top it off, it was 50% off!!!! You heard me! I paid more for the easel that it's sitting on ($1.00 @ Dollar Tree), than for the framed print! The mat is a lighter shade of plum that matches my bedroom (one day I'll clean it for picture taking purposes), which is plum and gold. The best part is the poem itself, which reads:

A Marriage Blessing

We thank you, O God, for the
Love You have implanted
in our hearts.
May it always inspire us to be
Kind in our words,
Considerate of feelings, and
Concerned for each other's
needs and wishes.
Help us to be Understanding
and Forgiving of human
weaknesses and failings.
Increase our Faith and Trust
in You and may Your
Prudence guide our
life and love.
Bless our Marriage, O God,
with Peace and Happiness,
and make our Love Fruitful
for Your Glory and our Joy
both here and in eternity.

How beautiful is that?

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Dream Machines

For this week's Show & Tell Friday post, I finally get to show off my "dream machines" that I got earlier this week!!! Having a large family means doing a lot of laundry. So much that it was too much for my washer & dryer that came with the purchase of our house. It's only three years old and still in good working condition, but the supposed "extra large capacity" dryer couldn't handle the extra large loads I put in it. I would have to dry the clothes at least twice, if not
three times. This would cause a HUGE backlog of laundry. I researched several brands and read countless reviews. The majority of the excellent reviews belonged to the Electrolux brand, as well as Samsung. We went with the Electrolux set and I couldn't be happier! Although I wanted the turquoise sky color, I settled for white because it was cheaper (hubby's suggestion). For consolation purposes, I had the room painted turquoise instead! Once I get the laundry room (if you want to call a closet a room) decorated, I'll take pics! Happy Friday!!!