Sunday, June 28, 2009


This past week has left many mourning the losses of television pitchman and sidekick to the late Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, actress Farrah Fawcett and pop icon Michael Jackson. I've heard tributes and memorials to all three, which were in order, but I was really annoyed by people complaining about who should be honored the most. At work on Friday, I listened to a new co-worker complain to a customer about how Michael Jackson was being talked about "too much" and more than Farrah and even Ed. She was mostly concerned about how he was overshadowing Farrah. In my opinion, that's like comparing Elvis and Anna Nicole Smith, but that's just me. There's always going to be someone more popular than someone else, but why should there be comparisons about posthumous remembrances anyway? They all held different titles and added contributions to society in totally separate ways. I'm not one to get misty eyed over people that I never knew, but I will miss seeing them, being that I grew up watching all three. I enjoyed Ed McMahon on the Tonight Show, especially when he assisted the amazing Carmac! They were quite funny together. I'll miss Farrah Fawcett from her role on Charlie's Angels, which was one of my favorite shows. Yes, I tried to feather my hair like her! Didn't work too well because I put too much curl in it, but I tried! lol Although I wasn't that big of a fan of Michael Jackson as a person (my loyalty was to his little brother Randy, who I thought was much cuter!), I did love his music. Yes, I knew the moves to Thriller, but danced in the den in the back of the house, when Momma and Daddy weren't awake! Hee Hee! My heart goes out to all of the children of each one, young and older, who have lost a parent and to the other family members as well. Also, as I was typing this, I just learned of the death of TV salesman, Billy Mays. He sold me on OxyClean, Kaboom and Orange Glo cleaners. I always enjoyed his excitement about the products he pitched. God blessed each one to touch lots of lives in many ways and I pray that each one knew Him as their personal saviour.


  1. Divamom, God bless you. You are such a loving and caring person. I think you are right about everyone contributing in their own way, as you are now. Have a great week and on with LIFE. VIVA LA VIDA!

  2. What you say is so true. They have all touched our lives but if they knew Christ is much more important especially more important than how much news coverage they receive now they they have left this earth.


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