Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beware - Google Fraud

I was recently online and whatever site I was on had a pop up about people that were making money part-time working for Google. Thinking that it was actually about Google, which I figure to be a reputable site, I read the whole thing. They were offering a book that "helps" you learn how to make the money for only $1.95. I figured it wasn't much to lose if it didn't pan out. WRONG!!!!! After a month or so, I never received the book and just chalked it up as a loss of $2.00. The other day I called my bank to check my credit card info and I was informed of a charge that was denied (not enough on the card). The CS rep made it seem as though it were no big deal, but I politely explained to him that even though it wasn't his account, he should at least act concerned that I was denying the charge. He finally told me that he'd transfer me to the fraud dept. They cancelled the card and said they'd issue me another. Anyhoo, to make a long story a tad shorter, I went online and looked up the charging company, and it brought up a chat discussion about the fraudulent charges!!!! It turned out to be a $72.21 charge for a subscription, which started if you didn't cancel the original charge. I messed up, but God blocked it!!! He is so awesome!!! I just wanted to warn anybody about this supposed "great" deal!

Be Blessed!

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