Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm Thankful!

I find it amazing how we jump from Halloween to Christmas and hardly even acknowledge Thanksgiving. The store that I work in has literally shoved the fall items in a corner, placed them 50% off and prominently displayed the Christmas stuff back in late September! Don't get me wrong, because Christmas is my favorite holiday, but Thanksgiving is next in line and I celebrate it just as much. I know that we should be thankful everyday, but that in itself should be even more reason to make a big deal out of the actual day. God has given me many reasons to be thankful and I have no problem celebrating the holiday! Yeah, turkey is wonderful and being around family is too, but just to think of what God has done in our lives is the reason for the holiday (in my opinion). I'm thankful for my husband, children and extended families (including in-loves and godparents and their family too. I'm thankful for all of my blogging friends and the awards that I've received. I especially want to thank Gloria from Gloria's Blog Viva la Vida, who is so sweet about giving me awards that I don't even feel worthy of receiving! I'm very thankful that God chose me to be one of his children and for watching over and protecting us daily. He is such a good and loving God and He is worthy to be praised!!!

I know I haven't posted much, but I'm still around and reading and enjoying a lot of blogs! I've got a lot to do in the coming week and a half. I have a to do list of things to make ready before Thanksgiving when all the relatives converge on our home! Lack of money will probably cut the list in half, but cleaning and small projects (i.e. hanging curtains and room decor) will definitely keep me busy! Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! I do hope to post some pics of my fall decor this week. Until then, have a blessed week!