Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Much Needed Break!

I know I haven't posted a lot lately, but I'm about to take a much needed break from EVERYTHING!!! I am going BY MYSELF to Atlanta to visit my godparents and enjoy their church's jurisdictional state meeting (my godfather is a Church of God in Christ bishop). I'll be leaving in the morning and will be back next Tuesday. They're excited that I'm coming, and I'm excited to be going! Join me in praying that my dear sweet hubby can handle everything (as he says he can) and that my dear sweet children don't give him a hard time! Hubby was sweet enough to give me his free airline ticket built up from his American Airlines awards points. He could've easily used it for himself and flown to Kentucky to see his family, but a few months ago he told me to call and find out when the meeting dates were and see about going. What a guy! Gotta keep him! lol

Anyway, it's after midnight and I still have lots to do before I leave. Stay blessed and I'll be back with you soon! Luv ya lots!


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