Monday, August 24, 2009

Back in the Swing of Things!

Today school started and I'm so happy! Oops, I'm not supposed to show such emotion. (smile) Anyhoo, the kiddos were excited and very happy. Everybody got where they were supposed to be without any mishaps, thank the Lord! Deondra is a senior this year and her cosmetology class is in the afternoon this year. Cedraya is a freshman this year and very excited about being in choir. DJ is in his last year in elementary, so he refers to everything now as the "big" kids and the "little" kids! lol Darian and Davon are now third graders and very quick to tell little brother, Christian what to expect in second grade! They don't notice that he ignores them while they are talking!

Well, I'll be heading back to work tomorrow. Thank God for the day off to get everybody situated! I'm looking forward to a blessed school year! Here's a couple of pics of the kiddos. Deondra told me to wait until tomorrow to take her pic because she wanted one in tomorrow's outfit! Too funny!

Happy campers!

She's a freshman now!


  1. The kids look great and ready to go. Enjoy your work week.

  2. Hi Divamom, Thank you so much for the welcome back!!! It's good to be back!

    How wonderful that you had a day to be able to help them get the school year started! It looks like they were ready!!! My youngest is a SR this school days are almost over...and it seems strange to me! I guess I am getting ready for a new phase in my life. Enjoy what's left of those school days!!! Nancy


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