Friday, October 17, 2008

Show and Tell Friday: My New Best Friend!

Today I'm showing off what I was blessed with last week! Our previous vacuum cleaner, which is parked behind the door in our bedroom, stopped picking up dirt the normal way. I say normal, because it's supposed to collect the dirt and I'm supposed to empty it. It had another understanding of it's operation apparently, because it was collecting dirt and spitting it out the back (ouch), while I was vacuuming! It was also leaving little clumps of dirt behind. Well, much to my chagrin, it was put on the backburner due to finances, and I was going around scraping dirt up with my fingers! Not a pleasant task, to say the least! Since my daughter was supposed to have her sleepover last weekend, hubby decided it was time to get something. After conferring with his co-workers about which brand was best (a man thing), we decided to check out the local Oreck store. After a lengthy demonstration by a very sweet saleslady, we forked over the credit card, and I walked away a truly happy camper!!! It's a homemakers dream come true! It makes our three-year old cheap builder's choice carpet look brand new! It comes with a canister vacuum that has a shoulder strap (every diva should have one!), which makes it easy to carry up the stairs as I'm vacuuming. The upright is very lightweight and has two settings (one for carpet and one for hardwood, ceramic tile or linoleum). This particular model came with a 10 yr. warranty and was cheaper than the online models because they are phasing these out. I hope I don't sound vain, but I'm so excited after going weeks without a functional vacuum cleaner and crawling on my knees to get the job done!!!


  1. Isn't it great how happy something like a vaccum cleaner can make us? Enjoyed visiting your blog.

  2. Awesome....I've always wondered if they were as good as advertised. Now I know. [got a giggle out of 'the man thing']

    Stop by my show and tell when you have time, I'd love to have you visit with me this fine day. Happy weekend to you!!!

  3. I can only imagine what it's like to be without a vacuum for that long! Enjoy!


  4. Well I gotta tell you DivaMom, I have wood floors so I don't need a vaccum. I'm glad you got one though and happy that your husband was all for it. Have a geat weekend and stop by my blog, it's always good to see you.

  5. The orick is a great vacuum. My step mom has one and it is light weight and easy to use. Congratulations. Have a great week.

  6. We have an Oreck too and absolutely love it! I like that it goes in for servicing much like a car - sometimes we forget vacuums need a tune up too! My last one started shooting out dust in protest so we tossed it!

  7. Happy Oreck to You! Glad you finally can get off your knees!

    Thanks for sharing it with us...


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