Monday, October 13, 2008

Birthday Girl

I'm so proud that my oldest daughter turned 16 today! We celebrated all weekend starting Friday evening. I chauffered her and her friends to one of her friend's homecoming game and then out to eat at IHop. The game was on the other side of town, so to save gas, I visited with my pastor and wife, who live close to the stadium. Saturday, she had planned to go to the mall, but her friends flaked on her. I was less than thrilled because I knew she wasn't happy, so I asked if she and her sister would like to tag along to the bridal shower I was going to while they would've been at the mall. They agreed and ended up having a good time. Sunday we had a family dinner for her at my cousin's house. I think that made up for missing the mall too, because she was treated like a true princess!


  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. It sounds like you had a very nice time. You are a good mother. Have a great day.

  2. Happy Sweet 16 to your daughter! Sounds like she had a ball!


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