Thursday, October 2, 2008

Good Start

I made a delicious strawberry-pineapple-banana smoothie this morning to jump start my day. Hopefully, it will help me be more productive! I've got some projects to tackle, so I'm praying that I get something accomplished today!


  1. Yummy it sounds good. I could use one to get me started too.

  2. DivaMom, thx for stopping by my blog. Chocolatte never stopped shaking, until I picked her up. I will have one of strawberry-pineapple-banann smoothie as well. Have a great day today, Friday and a good weekend.

  3. Thank you for linking me, I will link you as well.

  4. Yum! I made a blueberry & yoghurt smoothie this morning! I like smoothies. They're fast and as long as I add a bit of protein powder they keep me satisfied until lunch.



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