Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thankful for What I Have

I was reading a post on Cafemom, titled "Working with what I have" which was in a home decorating group. This made me really stop and think about being grateful for what I have and working with what I've got. It's nice to look at pictures of big, beautiful homes with much more space than mine and with much more expensive decor than mine, but why?

(photo from

(photos from

They are definitely beautiful, but not exactly attainable by most. Society encourages us to want more and never be satisfied with what we have. If God blesses us with a roof over our heads, why not work with that roof and everything beneath it? I've heard women complain because they were in a rental or public housing and figure there's no use to trying to make it look good because it's not theirs. I've also heard some complain because the house wasn't big enough and they'd rather wait until they get a bigger house. What if that never happens? Why sit around and not enjoy the surroundings you are in? Even though the economy is tight, most manage to get little things that they want from time to time. You can decorate on any budget. Resale shops, Salvation Army, Goodwill, thrift shops, Family Dollar, Dollar General, etc. are all good places to find cheap cute decor. You don't have to hire a decorator if you have no sense of style, either. Websites abound with decorating advice and bloggers galore have great ideas and pictures of what they've done. I've spent hours (when I should be doing something else!) looking at different blogs and HGTV's Rate My Space and enjoying the many decorating styles. What I've really admired is the ladies showing off their living spaces whether small or large, and being proud of what they have. You can live in an apartment, trailer or small house, but it can still be stylish.

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I thank God for blessing my hubby with a good job and for being able to provide us with a beautiful home. That's enough right there to make me work with what I have.

(our house)

(a couple of shots from my kitcen and breakfast area)

It may not be a $1,000,000 home or furnished with Ethan Allen decor, but it's beautiful to me and I thank God for it! Thank God for His many blessings!!! He doesn't have to do it for us, but He does!!!

Be Blessed!


  1. What an awesome post! I think what you said is so true.....we can work with whatever budget we have and be blessed with what God has given us. I grew up in a trailer and my Mom always took great pride in our home. It took me a long time for my house now to feel like home, because I am so used to cozy/comfy spaces. It's so true that society tells us that we must have more or that everyone else has better, but we are most blessed when we are living with joy for the blessings that God has given us. You have a beautiful home!

  2. I agree- It doesn't take much to take pride in your home and make it something special and beautiful. It is after about so much more than the dollars and name brands. It is about family and the memories created there.

  3. i've been trying to do some things with our home, too, so i'm glad to read your post! i forget to be thankful sometimes. it's not that i'd like it to be better, just not so cluttered and disorganized. so those are things i'm trying to work with.

    and i would do your daughter's senior shots in a heartbeat if i could figure out how when i live in florida and you live in texas - you know i would :)

  4. Amen, sister! I think that your home is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing such a great post!


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