Sunday, August 7, 2011

Feminine Friday

Hello ladies! I know it's been forever, but I'm back and I thought I'd start up with one of my favorite posts. Over at Buildeth Her House, Valencia is hosting "Feminine Friday" again. I love doing this! I think it's so important to show our femininity, especially when society is trying so hard to steer clear of it! My daughters tease me about not being camera shy and making them take my pic for these posts. But they know what they're for and the point I'm making, so they don't mind.

The fashion industry promotes as little clothing as possible, which makes it hard to find cute, fashionable modest clothing, especially for young ladies. It's our job as Christian women to set the fashion example for the young ladies coming behind us. This was instilled in me as a young child and I still follow suit today.

I bought this little dress (I call it little because it's one of the shorter ones that I own! LOL) at Burlington Coat Factory. It can be worn as a skirt also, so I'll probably show that as a look at another time. I paired it with a little khaki jacket and I got many compliments on it. This pic was taken at a hotel in Ardmore, Oklahoma, when I took a quick getaway with my hubby! He invited me along for one of his airport inspections. Short trip, but fun!

Be Blessed!


  1. You look sooo chic!!! Thanks so much for joining in with me this Friday...Here is a link for your girls only class that might help with your modesty lesson....

  2. Super cute!! I agree we have to teach our girls to be modest and classy :)

  3. I so agree on Rick Perry.I dod not get to go to Houston Saturday :( I wished I could of..

  4. Nice outfit, love the sandals! I like Burlington, they always have inexpensive clothing.

  5. OH Try the chicken a dumplins, Jeff,and jacob ate it up lol


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