Saturday, May 29, 2010

Prom Night!

I'm so excited because my "little" girl went to the prom tonight! Our day was filled with last minute preparations, which of course, had a little added drama! Originally, she was supposed to have a couple of human hair tracks added to her hair for a little extra length and volume. Well, the lady that claimed she would do it for free decided to go out of town to drop off her granddaughter and forgot about Deondra's hair. She text'd her friend, who was getting her hair done by our neighbor down the street, and asked could the girl do hers too. She didn't text back, although they had been texting prior to that back and forth with little time in between each text message. Anyhoo, she decided to just get her own hair crimped and it turned out pretty anyway.

She got to experience her first trip to the nail shop, which was quite interesting! Since we weren't able to freely dish out cash, we had to find a reasonably priced nail salon. Well, that means a trip to da hood! LOL We got to watch a baby crawl on the not-so-clean floor, a "granny" aged woman come in wearing a FUBU brand jersey and shorts, complete with black & white claw-like nails (she was missing two---reason for her trip) asking "how murch" it would cost, and listened to a lady complain that her nails were way too short for her to pay full price! Extremely interesting trip! Hee Hee! I managed to get pics while she was getting them done, but forgot to take one of the finished job! I'll update later.

Can you tell she's thrilled?

After a trip to Belk for her stick-on bra, and a trip to Sam Moon (oh how I lurve that place!) for her purse, I dropped her off at her friend's house so she could curl her friend's hair. Then I picked her up and brought her home so she could get dressed. I then dropped her off at her other friend's house so they could all ride together. By the way, boyfriend lost his status due to not calling when he should and not returning text messages in a timely fashion, so his prom priviledges were also revoked!!! Several of her friends were going "stag" so she didn't have a problem with it, thank God!

All in all, she looked beautiful and as I'm typing, I'm awaiting her arrival! Oh how I look forward to waking her up for church in the morning! lol

P.S. She wore four inch stilleto heels, so I look short next to her!


  1. She looks beautiful!! Awwww they grow up so fast!

  2. I hope she had a great time! She did look absolutely beautiful! Love that dress!! I enjoyed the story about the nail salon too. LOL!

  3. She looks beautiful. I don't remember her looking this way last year? How time does fly. Her dress is awesome and her hair came out great. She is a beauty and so are you for all the things you do for your family.

  4. Happy Prom night to your daughter.


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