Monday, July 27, 2009

I Love Shoes!!!

Ok, what diva doesn't love shoes???? Nancy over at Southern Lady had a shoe show on Thursday, and my laptop was having issues in retardation, so I didn't get to participate on time. Hopefully, Nancy doesn't mind me be a late add-on. She's a sweet southern belle, so I'm sure she'll cut another southerner some slack! lol Well, I counted my stash and I have around 75 pairs of shoes. I might have missed a few that my daughter probably has in her room, so I might be a little under. I narrowed my favorites down to three (in the name of brevity), with a little write up on each.

Here I am at age 7 weeks! My shoe obsession started early! lol This is the only baby picture I have with black patent leather shoes on, because my mom didn't like them for babies and since these were a gift, she had my dad take a picture of me in them! I had pastel or white shoes only!!! She "made" me buy the same for my girls and quickly turned her nose up when I neared a pair of black shoes! Needless to say, they never got any either until they were pre-school age!

These are my all-time favorites! I call these my "livin' life like it's golden" shoes! These shoes were $86.00 at Foley's (now Macy's) and I drooled over them for several months. They finally went on sale for $59.99. I still drooled until my pastor gave me a $25 gift certificate for helping out at a women's conference. I quickly made my way to the mall! When I got to the counter, the sales lady told me that if I waited two days there would be an additional 15% off coupon that I could apply! Two days later, I went back to pick up my shoes and plunked down a whopping total of $28.13!!!!!! Yay me! Oh, yes the pantyhose are gold too!

Last, but not least, are my Fergalicious Easter shoes!!! Have you ever walked by a pair of shoes that stopped you in your tracks??!! These stopped me! I looked at them several times, and then set out to find the perfect outfit to go with them. They debuted on JCPenney shelves in early spring, so I quickly named them my Easter shoes. Finding the outfit was the next thing! They started off at $59.99, but finally went down to $34.99 around easter time. They were worth the wait!

Thanks for letting me share my shoes!!! Be Blessed!


  1. Those are great shoes. I wish I could wear shoes with heels but my knees are very bad. They look good with your feet in them. Walk careful. Thanks for sharing and don't forget to pick up your Awe-Summm Award.

  2. Hi Divamom. :) I absolutely love your first pair of golden shoes. They are beautiful and I love the golden hose too. Don't you just die when you get those deals at Macy's? It's amazing!

  3. Lovin' the golden shoes!

    Have a great weekend friend!

  4. I'm really feeling the "Livin My Life Like It's Golden" Shoes :)


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