Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Did You Vote? I Did!!!!

I'm so proud of myself and my hubby! Today was our first time ever voting! Yeah, I know, we are sheltered "kids" who don't get out much! Hee Hee! On a serious note, though, my parents didn't vote for religious reasons (as my mom put it), so I was never interested. My hubby felt like it didn't matter if he did or not, so he never did. Well after 43 and 44 years, respectively, we both got out there this morning and did it! Of course it had to be a comical undertaking for us, or it just wouldn't have been right! After dropping our oldest off at Cosmetology class, we passed a fire station where they were voting. Hubby forgot his medicine that I was going to have to go home and get after dropping him off, so he said we could come back to that one. Well, when I came back to pick him up (an hour later), I passed another fire station right across the street from his job and he said we could just go there. We parked, got out and were greeted by the sweetest little old ladies! We told one that it was our first time and she was so happy and told us it was her first time working there! After searching for our names, which were not there, we were told that we were supposed to go to a different location closer to our house! Hence, the journey to find the unknown, never heard of elementary school where we were supposed to be! After following directions on my iPhone and making a few wrong turns, we made it!!! It was a painless process, in which I learned to color in the boxes instead of checking them off as I initially started to do!!! Wow, if the candidates only knew the trauma involved in filling their offices! (Smile)

Sorry my picture is blurry! My camera kept giving me an image with a hideous ghostly glare (Halloween is over, ok), and this was the best one I could get with my phone.


  1. Absolutely diva. Have to vote or we can't complain when things are done in a proper manner. I am so proud of you for getting out there and doing it, despite all the trauma. We are Americans and we should be involed in the process. Thanks for stopping by my blog and again,

  2. p.s. The picture is just fine and be very proud of it. :) hugs

  3. It's a little late, but I'm so thrilled to hear that you put in your vote this year!! I was quite heartened by the increase in the number of voters this year and hope it will continue!


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