Saturday, December 17, 2011

11 Years Old Already???

Where has the time gone? Eleven years ago a sweet little boy made his way into the world a little earlier than expected. Although three weeks would go by before we would be blessed to make his acquaintance, God already had a plan for our family. We got a call from Child Protective Services about a three week old baby boy named Tyree. After scrambling around trying to find clothes and diapers to fit a preemie, we picked him up from the hospital. Now, eleven years later, we have a very energetic, inquisitive and verbal fifth grader. I say verbal, because the boy talks non stop!!! LOL Happy Birthday Darian Emmanuel Taylor!
Birthday dinner at Ihop!
Hanging out with his sisters
Christmas 2001
Mommy and my little guy
All 3 lbs and 5oz of him!


  1. nice post thanks for sharing...happy holidays...blessings soraya

  2. Time goes by so fast :( My only baby just turned 15

  3. rofl how about a road trip over here lol..
    We just bought our very first house :)Can get moved in by Feb 3rd :)

  4. Hi Mrs Diva ;)
    Popping in to see how you are doing,and Sending Blessings for you ,and your family for the up coming New Year :)

    1. Sorry I'm forever replying! Really wish blogger would let you know when you have comments! Hope all is well! Please keep in touch!

  5. How special that this little boy was able to join your family. I would LOVE to have God deliver a little babe to my house ;)
    Following from Buildeth Her House FB page
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