Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Started! Hallelujah!!!

Ok, I guess I sound a little too happy, but I am and so are my little tribe members! Funds were short this summer, so we didn't get to do as much as usual, so I think they were more than happy to get back to their friends and be in the midst of it all! LOL! Now I have the joy of dropping off and picking up to and from three different schools. Our school district decided to be the first in the state to charge for bus service, so I'm not the only mom taxi service on the road! Although, day two wasn't as bad as day one, there is a significant increase in the number of cars at school now. Anyway, they all seemed to have had two good days, so I'm looking forward to a blessed year for all!

Day 2.....I forgot to take a picture on Day 1! LOL


  1. Sounds just like over here! Mine were ready to go back and I have 3 different pickups all at the same time too! Hope they have a great year!!

  2. I told Jeff that this was the best yard sale I ever went to in a Long time LOL..
    How is your weekend going? Ours is good, I promised Jeff after moving all that furniture that Saturday he could relax lol, I even took over his cooking last night. Poor baby he was alseep by 9 lol

  3. Cool, Oh don,t forget about my Autumn giveaway :)



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