Saturday, October 2, 2010

Feminine Friday

Welcome to another Feminine Friday hosted by Valencia over at Buildeth Her House. This week I'm showing a sundress that has a little story behind it. I recently attended a funeral in San Antonio, and I forgot the dress that I was wearing to the funeral. When I decided I would go to the store to get one (hubby so graciously gave me the go ahead), I discovered that I also forgot the skirt that went to the top I was going to wear on the drive home! Needless to say, it was a quickly planned last minute trip! I stayed with my bestie, Theresa and family, and I asked her if she had a sundress that I could wear to the store. She brought me a couple she thought would fit and I chose one. Well, after eating a grand breakfast that she cooked, I discovered I didn't have a whole lot of shopping time. The funeral was at 11:00 am on the other side of town and the stores didn't open until 10! Deondra suggested that I wear the dress that I had on and ask Theresa if I could borrow a little black jacket. She said no problem and quickly brought me two choices (she shops like me!). I picked one and wore the outfit to the funeral. It was sooooo cute on me, that she told me to keep it, because I looked wonderful in it! So now I have a new dress, thank the Lord!!!

Be Blessed!!!


  1. This dress is sooo diva!! I just love your style, but I don't have the courage to wear animal

  2. Great outfit! Loved reading the story behind it!

  3. Wow! What a sweet friend! You look great in your "new" dress!

  4. Good Morning DivaMom, do to spammers I am making my blog private, I am asking everyone that wants to follow to send me there e-mails, so I can send invites out :)


  5. Hi! I wanted to tell you that I moved my blog over to if you still want to follow along :)

  6. Hi DivaMom. Hope you and yours are well. Just popped in to say hello and how de do. :D I love that bright color of wall that you are leaning up against. The dress is great on you but that's because you are a classy lady. Have a great week and take care.


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