Thursday, July 1, 2010

Completing Him Challenge - Week 3

Although I'm a few days late, I'm still within week 3 of the Completing Him Challenge. This week's challenge is to pray daily for our husbands.

I grew up in a church where prayer is as natural as eating three meals a day, but sometimes I have dropped the ball in this area. When we moved to Fort Worth four years ago, my life drastically changed. I suddenly had to adapt to a new home, new city and a new way of life. I fell into a deep depression after so many things weren't working out, even though I was praying. My besties "back home" had kinda kicked me to the curb because they didn't know how to deal with me moving away. They've since come around a bit more, but not the way things used to be. I still haven't made many friends here, I guess because they already have enough friends and my lifestyle is so differnt (church and six kiddos) from most that I come across. I have family here, but I was never around them for more than a visiting weekend. Now I see how they really are, and I was just a tad taken aback (for lack of a better way to put it! lol). I found a job when we first moved here, but got laid off a year later due to the building closing. Then the whole reason for our move seemed to work against me husband's job. He travels a lot now and I'm left at home to hold down the fort and do the chauffeuring. Not to mention a bi-polar child who usually has meltdowns when dad is away. When hubby is in town, he's busy working long hours and then comes home and falls asleep easily, mainly because of his medication. Then to top it all off, he's had health issues take over his life too. To be bluntly honest, our marriage has gone downhill in lightening speed. But, thank God, through Courtney, I see a light at the end of the tunnel with this marriage challenge. With all the entries, she may never see any of my posts, but I hope she knows how many marriages she is in the process of changing. I even copied and pasted the list and emailed it to my neighbor across the street. She struggles with marital issues because her husband has turned away from God. I hope that this challenge can help her as well.

The challenge this week has made me stop and look at all the things that I've been complaining about and set them aside to focus on my husband. It made me stop and think about all the challenges he is facing, since this move. I can only imagine what things go through his mind on a daily basis as the head of his household. I know it can't be easy, and it's my job to hold him up in prayer. Please pray for me that I can be the wife and help meet that God wants me to be. Please keep our marriage in your prayers (and my neighbor's too)! Love to you all!


  1. Sounds like your are stepping up to make sure your marriage gets back on solid ground. I'm sure all will be okay. Life has it's ways of giving us the good and sometimes the hard times. I'll say a prayer for you. Take care. Have a great Fourth of July and rest of the month.

  2. What a precious post! I love your honesty. I will definitely be praying for your family.


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