Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Table Top Tuesday!

I love participating in memes and this one is fabulous! Marty from A Stroll Thru Life, is hosting Table Top Tuesday and we can decorate pretty much any tabletop! This is right up my alley, because I love decorating tables. I was a little discouraged when we turned our dining room into my husband's office, because I lost my table, but after looking at Marty's blog, I'm excited about decorating different tabletops. They don't have to be eating tables, so that gives me more room to work with! Since I just discovered this late, I don't have anything set up, but I really wanted to join. Soooo, I pulled some pics from a Victorian tea that we had at our church a couple of years ago. We each decorated a table in our own theme and then our guests who purchased tickets from us, sat at our table. I'm an amateur at this, but it was fun to test my skills!

My table didn't really have a theme, but I made my color scheme from my china design. I used my china that I bought from a former church member when we lived in San Antonio. She sold them in a church yard sale, and I paid $15 for the set!!!

I purchased most of the accessories from Wal-Mart. I started to use confetti on the table, but I thought the "ice" rocks and mirrored candle plates looked more elegant.

I wrapped candy coated jordan almonds and put them in each teacup as a party favor.

This is a close-up of my china. I got the chargers at the Salvation Army for $0.50 each! I needed eight and there was actually a huge stack of them!

Here's me in my Victorian finery! lol

It was a really fun event and I hope we do it again. I'm thinking of a beach theme this time!


  1. Oh I love your gorgeous tablescape. Your china is stunning and what a fabulous buy. I really like the way you used the mirrors and the "ice". That is so elegant looking. Your picture is wonderful. I LOVE your hat. You look fabulous. I know all of your guests were delighted to be at such a beautiful table. Thanks for joining the party today. I am having a ball looking at all the creativity. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love it! I really like your hat! Love the china pattern as well. I know it must have been fun for your church to do this. We do this at the church I work for and just started doing it at the church I go to. YEP, Ihave the best of both worlds. A church I work for and one I worship at! Thanks for sharing your beautiful table decor.

  3. Hi Chondra! You look great and your china is awesome. I love the mirrors and "ice." My, we are getting very creative. Thanks Chondra, I love it. Have a great rest of the day. Take care.

  4. Dear Chondra,
    You look stunning in your beautiful dress and hat. I especially think your hat is lovely! So pretty!
    The table is beautiful...very elegant with many fine details.
    God Bless,


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