Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!!

Today was our 18th wedding anniversary, thank the Lord! Our day started with a wonderful breakfast prepared by our awesome kiddos! We were escorted into the kitchen and then served scrambled eggs, bacon, heart-shaped toast (2 cute!) and cran-grape juice. We were so thrilled! They are just too sweet!

The happy couple looking our morning's best! lol

Later in the day we went to Grapevine Mills Mall and walked around and enjoyed window shopping and saw Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail. The movie was too funny! We stopped at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for some goodies. You have to try the pretzel sticks dipped in caramel, nuts and white and milk chocolate and the chocolate covered potato chips! We got to taste-test some chocolate covered orange peel, which was deliciously different (not enough to buy, though)!

This evening we stopped at Southlake Town Square and ate dinner at Copeland's New Orleans restaurant. Check it out at If you live near one, you gotta go!

Here's a back-in-the-day shot of us on our wedding day eighteen years ago! Weren't we skinny? lol

I think I'll keep him another 18 years!!!
Be Blessed!


  1. Oh how nice. Happy Anniversary. We celebrated our 27th on Feb 14th. You both still look pretty much the same and you definitely look very happy. Thx for sharing.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love the pictures and your kiddos are so nice to make you a lovely breakfast!

    I love your wedding picture- just beautiful!

    So glad you had a wonderful day together:)

    Linda C

  3. Happy Anniversary! You guys are a beautiful couple! I LOVED your wedding photo! Just beautiful! God continued blessings to your marriage!

  4. Happy Resurrection Day! I enjoyed visiting your blog and reading a few of your posts. I commend you for blogging with six children and a husband. Blessings to you!


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