Wednesday, January 28, 2009

OMGosh!!!! It's Cold!!!!

Okay, you're probably wondering what in the world is in this picture. Well, it's 24 degrees outside and that is the ice on my front window!!! I took this a few hours ago, and had planned on getting a picture of the ice on the tree. That would've required going outside (not happening), since ice had formed on the window and you can't see out! Yesterday morning, when I got up around 5:30am, it started off at 36 degrees and dropped to 31 by 10:30am, when I had to take Dee-Dee's algebra book to her that she left in the car! Anyhoo, it stayed that way until I picked my hubby up from work about 3:20. He got out early because of the weather. Then we went out to Sears to get the TV to replace the one upstairs in the gameroom that shuts off by itself. Hubby was anticipating the kids being home due to the ice, so we were going to get it, but none were in stock in our price range. Sooooooo.......they'll be watching our spooky TV (they are out of school today) until we can venture out into the frozen tundra again.

Our trip to Sears was not in vain, because darling hubby purchased my dream machines!!!! I'm getting my much awaited and dreamed about Electrolux Steam Washer & Dryer! Yay me! Thank you Jesus!!! I really wanted the Turquoise Sky ones, but Island White was $100 cheaper for each piece, or so we thought. I say that because, when I got home I checked the website to get the dimensions for laundry room planning, and lo and behold, I discover that the saleslady ordered the wrong one!!! Actually, the price for the turquoise and the white are the same. The cheaper one doesn't have the steam! Hubby was really impressed with the steam feature on the dryer, since he's ex-military and is a serious iron-er! I compared the item numbers with the ones on the internet, and she ordered the steam dryer with the no-steam washer. Weird part is that the steam washer is the same price for both colors, but the non-steam one is cheaper in white than in the dark blue! Well, needless to say, later on this morning I'll be calling Sears back! I'm so thrilled and feeling very blessed right now! Hubby can really be amazing! Once we get the right ones ordered, we'll get the right delivery date and I'll be posting pics!!! I want to have my laundry room painted aqua (compensates for not getting the turquoise color) and have cabinets installed above them.

I'm getting off the computer now and going to bed! Two o'clock in the morning....pityful!


  1. Yay for you. Enjoy your dream machines:) It's cold here as well, but looks colder over there. You sound very chipper, so please enjoy your day. Take care.

  2. Hey! Welcome back online :O). I haven't seen you in awhile. Enjoy your machines - when you get them - maybe you'll get a surprise and they'll be aqua anyway - lol. Pictures are a must :). You have fun with that paint. I'm not a painter, I'm a messer-upper!


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