Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Thrills

Here are a few photos of my family enjoying ourselves Christmas morning. It was a joyous morning which started out with our oldest son reading a scripture and then my hubby leading us in prayer. Then it was time to rip open the paper that I so carefully wrapped (I keep telling myself it was worth the effort), and have a screaming fit over what they got! I can't say anything about screaming, because I broke a few decibels when I opened mine and discovered that after almost 18 yrs of marriage, my hubby FINALLY bought me a Dooney & Bourke bag!!! I've bought all the others myself, although he "claims" that he was going to buy one of them a few years ago, but I beat him to it! He's so funny! He even got his toy that he's been hinting to for a while....his prized GPS system. Working my little dept. store job paid off bigtime!!!

Before the attack

The aftermath

Me and my newest addition to my Dooney family!

Hubby and his toys!

Davon showing off his Leapster and prize-winning smile!

Christian and his Cars laptop (wanted a laptop like Daddy!)

Darian and his favorite action figure!

DJ and the LeapFrog Didj that he's bugged us about for months! Is the smile priceless or what?

DeeDee & CeeCee with the much talked about phones and their Daddy who reluctantly has to pay the extra bill! At least he's still smiling! LOL

Hope everybody had a blessed day filled with family and fun!


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. Everyone looks so happy and I am happy for you. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog and take care and be well.

  2. LOL!! I love your before and aftermath pictures (all too familiar!).
    Glad your Christmas was blessed!

  3. That bag is FIERCE. I know that your girls are so happy about those phones.

  4. Thanks for stopping by to visit. We did have a wonderful Christmas and it looks like you did too!!! I LOVE your bag! Hubby has great taste :)! Your kids looks so happy - I love all the smiles. What a blessing. What fun!

  5. Diva - Cowtown, TX??? My daughter and I are headed to Austin in January for a speech and debate conference. Is Cowtown anywhere near Austin?

  6. Great photos of your Christmas! Looks like everyone was happy with their gifts having fun:)

    Your blog photo and text alignment look great! Good job:)

    Linda C

  7. Hi again :), no we are not in Texas. We live in Florida. Those pictures were from Cocoa Beach (home of Ron Jon's Surf Shop). Kali and I are coming to Austin late next week for a speech and debate conference with Communicators For Christ. I wish we had time to look you up while we are there, but they have us scheduled from 9 AM-9 PM everyday. Oh well, maybe another time :).


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